9 Hole (short Course)
9 Hole (Separate Boys and Girls divisions)
18 Hole (Separate Boys and Girls divisions)

9 Hole Short Course
with Special Tees (approximately 100 yds. on each hole):  If a player shoots 45 or better
he/she will have the option to move to the 9 Hole Division for the next event. Upon shooting 45 or better in two
events, the Junior Golfer will be placed in the regular 9 Hole Division.
9 Hole Division:  If a player shoots 50 or better he/she will have the option to move to the 18 Hole Division at the
next event. Upon shooting 50 or better in two events in the 9 Hole competition the Junior Golfer will be placed in the
18 Hole Division. If a player shoots 70 or above in the 9 Hole competition  he/she will be placed into the 9 Hole Short
Course Division for the next event.
18 Hole Division:  If a player shoots 120 or above, he/she will be moved to the 9 Hole Division at the next event.  
Points awarded for the round will be based on the first 9 holes of the recorded round.

A point system will be used.  Points will be awarded to golfers based on participation and placement within their
respective divisions.  Top point earners in each division will qualify for the Championship.   A proportionate number
of boys and girls entered in the various divisions will be used as a guide for point calculations to determine eligibility
and number of spots in the Championship that are allocated for each division.  (The calculations used for qualifying
points is different from that used for the accumulation of Educational Grant Funds)

Educational Grant Funds are awarded to Junior Golfers who have become vested in the program.  (contact
Tom@golfncga.com for more information
Educational Grant funds will be held at Heritage Bank NW.
Educational Grant funds will be distributed, upon graduation from High School, to the 1 year Tech School, 2 year
Community College or the 4 year University of the Juniors Golfer's choice in the form of a distribution grant.

RULES OF PLAY for the GRGF Junior Golf Tour:
A. USGA rules will govern, except in cases of local rule changes.  The Committee will serve as the governing body in
all rules questions. The Committee is the GRGF Tournament Director, the local site Pro, and the GRGF CEO.
B. Tournament individual scoring will be stroke play.  All holes must be played out to completion. Failure to do so will
result in disqualification. Contestants will keep each other's score within each foursome, or, a marker will be
designated. The tournament official scorer will not accept scorecards unless they are signed by both the individual
player and HIS/HER marker. Penalty for inaccurate scorecards that allow the player a lower score is an automatic
disqualification. Players who sign an inaccurate card, but the score is higher will have that score stand.
C. All putts must be holed out according to USGA rules. Failure to do so will disqualify the player.
D. The following violations will result in disqualification:
1) Smoking, use and/or possession of tobacco substances
2) Drinking of alcoholic beverage, use and/or possession 3) Abusive language - swearing 4) Betting-All players must
report violations of this provision to The Committee or a marker at the first opportunity.
E. Club Throwing or Breaking - There shall be a two-stroke penalty for intentionally throwing or breaking a club on
the first instance. Should a second offense occur, the individual will automatically be disqualified from the
F. The tournament committee has the right to assess a penalty to an individual, coach or team for any
unsportsmanlike behavior reported to the tournament director, prior to the conclusion of the event.
G. Competitors may not use cell phones. From the time an individuals group begins play, a ringing cell phone and/or
use of a cell phone on the course will result in a two-stroke penalty for the first infraction. A second infraction will
result in disqualification.
H. Caddies will be permitted.  A parent may be a caddie.  It is permissible for player to pull his/her own push cart.
I. On the day of the tournament, practice is restricted to the putting green and the practice range area only.
J. Galleries are permitted, and all spectators are to maintain a fifty (50) foot distance from the competitors, refrain
from coaching, do not contact the player in any way, and observe the etiquette of golf.  One warning. 2nd time, the
spectator is removed.
K. The tournament Director will cover the regulations and format with the players and caddies before the tournament.
L. Technology: The use of any type of mechanical/electrical range finder is permitted during tournament play.
M. Slow Play: is defined as being behind the group in front by 2 strokes or 10 minutes.  There will be 2 warnings. 3rd
warning the penalty is 1 stroke for each player in the group.  4th warning is 2 strokes for each player.
5th warning is DQ